The McConnell Physiotherapy Group

McConnell Physiotherapy Group features a team of award-winning professional physiotherapists that offer a range of diagnoses, treatments and rehabilitation services to the Mosman, Neutral Bay and Cremorne communities. Forging a formidable reputation as the leading North Shore physio practice, we extend our care, for your convenience, to sports clubs and residential homes via our mobile service.

Hands On, Evidence-based Approach

We encourage proactive techniques for physical rehabilitation to help you maintain your active lifestyle as comfortably as possible.

Our internationally recognised physiotherapists assist with treatment including knee reconstruction rehabilitation and lower back pain management. We also assist patients with sports-related accidents and injuries. To facilitate a swift recovery, we aim to restore full functionality and stability of body parts, muscle, damaged tissue and more.

First Class Management

As the premier North Shore physio practice, we are committed to providing fast, effective support. During a private consultation, we develop a tailored healthcare treatment plan that optimises your chances of recovery without risk of relapse or further injury. We pride ourselves on our reputation as leading specialists and strive for the best outcomes. We will guide you patiently through every step of your recovery journey.

Entrust your Recovery to the Professionals at McConnell Physiotherapy

Are you looking for knee reconstruction rehabilitation? Is soft tissue pain causing discomfort? Have you acquired a sporting injury that is restricting your performance? Don’t delay your recovery any further — consult with North Shore’s premier physio specialists today to restore function and flexibility.

With a reputation as Sydney’s most sought after clinic, entrust your physical health to the team of professionals at McConnell Physiotherapy Group. Regardless of the injury — from soft tissue pain to head, neck and back injuries — we have a restorative physiotherapy treatment to help you.

North Shore Physio and Rehabilitation Services

Servicing the needs of the Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay communities, embark on your recovery today and call on 02 9968 4766 to secure an appointment.


After various surgeries Jenny has managed to rehab both of my knees and also my back. Luckily for me she was ahead of the game with her stabilizing and muscle timing theories, and of course her world famous taping discoveries. I am truly grateful that I am one of her clients and even now I continue to play high level sport many years longer than I ever thought possible. – Pat Cash

Some years after a Laminectomy I had a returning of back pain, my next option according to my physiotherapist was ‘metal scaffolding’. Being a very active person this was a no option as far as I was concerned. The McConnell Physiotherapy Group provided relief and mobility . The team has been wonder workers. Their patience, encouragement and good advice has been excellent. My wife has been under the team’s care, she has a double knee prosthesis and recently tore both of her hamstrings. Much improved now, Thanks everyone! We both highly recommend the skilled hands of the McConnell Physio staff.
– Roger and Rosa Middleton

I’ve had a bad knee from my mid twenties (netball injury originally).I’ve had three surgeries and wasted a lot of money on knee braces, bands, creams, anti-arthritis pills, supplements, the list goes on. Two years ago I dislocated my knee cap in a fall while running. It flared all the pain back up in my knee. I was in constant pain. I went back to my knee specialist who told me what I needed was a knee replacement but as I was in my early 40’s I would have to wait 20 years for that op. He looked at me with pity and told me I should look into pain management. Naturally I was shattered by this news.

I was incredibly lucky to be referred to Jenny McConnell by a friend who also battled arthritis in her knees. It’s amazing how many relatively young (ish) people deal with significant arthritis from sporting injuries! The first day I went in to see Jenny I wasn’t tremendously optimistic. I walked in with pain, Jenny took me through many strength tests and talked me right through my history. At the end she said to me some of the best words I have ever heard “I’ve fixed worse knees than yours.” There was hope after all. Jenny taught me her strapping method and a very simple series of short exercises. I walked out that first day in virtually no pain. Over the next year I went to see Jenny with the time between appointments increasing as my knee steadily improved. It was a long process but because she had faith so did I and we both watched happily as my knee got stronger. Today I have a functioning knee with zero pain! She’s even tentatively said I can go back to running if I’m careful. I cannot begin to explain how wonderful Jenny McConnell has been! She is incredibly knowledgeable, she invested time to teach me how to strap my knee and closely monitored the development of the muscles around my knee. Without her intervention I would still be living in pain, unable to exercise or play with my kids, swim at the beach or do my job without thinking about when I next could sit down.

-Clare Greenup

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Our Services

All our treatment is premium gold-standard and custom-made. Our services are just as highly sought after and include:


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Our Physiotherapists

We are proud to offer you the help of our highly experienced physiotherapists. All of our therapists have a very high skill base and are highly trained experts in their field.

Jenny McConnell

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