Frequently Asked Questions – Find a Solution

Our Physiotherapists

    • Can I see Jenny McConnell?
Yes. However Jenny has a long wait list that can often be 2 months for new patients.
    • Why is there such a big wait to see Jenny McConnell?
Jenny is an internationally recognised physiotherapist and has been working in this field for a long time. She has a very high demand level so there is often a substantial wait to see her.
    • What is the waiting time for a new patient?
We keep appointments for new patients every day, particularly so an acute injury can been seen immediately
    • Are the physiotherapists experienced?
All Physios working at the practice have 10yrs+ experience.
    • Do any of the physiotherapists have paediatric experience?
All the physios have treated musculoskeletal problems from ages 2-102.

What do You Offer? FAQ

    • Do you just treat knees or all injuries?
We treat all musculoskeletal problems.
    • Do you do casting?
No, but we do arm, or hand splinting if required.
    • Do you have podiatry?
No, but we have the ability to fit heat moldable orthotics.
    • Do you have remedial massage?
No, but if massage is required as part of the treatment then the physiotherapist concerned will use it as a treatment technique. Do you treat Workcover/dva patients? Yes.
    • Are the treatments covered by Medicare?
    • Do you have products for sale?
Yes. We sell tape so it is easy for the patient to apply their own tape at home. We sell back supports for chairs, wedges for car seats, foam rollers, ankle and knee braces, as well as soft othotics. Jenny McConnell has co-designed an excellent orthotics product. Ask us when you come in or call us for more information.

Claiming & Insurance

    • Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No doctor’s referral is necessary unless you are veteran’s affairs.
    • Can I claim from private medical insurance?
Yes, provided you are covered for ancillary benefits. We have hicaps, which means you can claim your medical rebate here at the practice. This can only be done on the day of treatment and you need to have your health fund card.

Find Us

    • Where are you located?
Suite 2C, 1-3 Gurrigal St, Mosman, 2088. Between Military Road and BelmontĀ Road. We are just off Military Rd, easily accessible by bus from the City, North Sydney or St Leonards.
    • Is there any parking?
There is both untimed and some timed residential parking on the street. We recommend allowing some time to get a park, especially between 9-5.
    • Do you have appointments before and after work?
Our first appointment is 7am and last is 6:00pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday we are open from 8am-4pm.
    • Do you do home visits?

The appointments

    • How long are the appointments?
Initial consultations/appointments are up to 60mins and standard consultations/appointments are up to 30mins. Extended consultations are 60mins.
    • What should I wear?
Loose fitting clothing. Shorts and a t-shirt/singlet top. Keep in mind that we will need to see the area of the body that is the problem! If you have further questions or would like to make a booking please get in touch with us here or call us at (02) 9968 4766.
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