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Are you suffering from osteoarthritis? Have you incurred a rotator cuff injury and require professional rehab care? Is your movement restricted and painful? Seek a consultation today with Mosman’s leading physiotherapists — the McConnell Physiotherapy Group. With an exceptional skill set and specialisation in the treatment and ongoing management of osteoarthritis, avail of the internationally renowned expertise of Jenny McConnell and the highly effective McConnell Approach.


A common degenerative condition, osteoarthritis can adversely affect joints due to uneven or excessive loading, resulting in the lining of the joint (cartilage) wearing away and creating more force through the bone. Hence, the often used term “bone on bone”. Knee osteoarthritis, in particular, is a cause of great discomfort, swelling, stiffness and pain. Shoulder arthritis occurs as the cartilage covering the ball and socket of the shoulder joint is lost due to wear and tear, injury and disease. Rotator cuff injury rehabilitation is crucial in the stabilisation of the shoulder joint and in the prevention of the onset of osteoarthritis.

Did you know that the lining of the joint has no nerve fibres? And that the wearing of the joint and bone-on-bone process may not be the cause of the pain associated with osteoarthritis? As specialists, we understand that there are many tissues in the knee which may be responsible for the pain, and as weight is loaded unevenly through the joint, the tissues respond adversely, causing pain.

Our aim at McConnell Physiotherapy is to teach you how to improve the loading through your joints, reducing the pain and stiffness and relieving the pressure from surrounding tissue. Waiting for a knee replacement is not your only option, acquire greater freedom of movement and better functionality with the McConnell Physiotherapy Group via rotator cuff injury rehab.

Customised Personal Treatment Plans for All Types of Osteoarthritis

Consult with a McConnell professional for the optimal treatment of knee osteoarthritis and the ongoing management of all forms of this painful condition. Here at McConnell our aims are simple:

  • To improve your mobility and health
  • To reduce the risk of injuries and minimise pain as quickly as possible

Internationally recognised for excellence in physiotherapy treatment and care the McConnell team implement the following steps:

  • We comprehensively assess your symptoms, as well as conduct an in-depth review of your medical history, lifestyle choices, symptoms and possible causes
  • We will then using an evidence-based approach, develop a customised management plan specific to your needs based on our in-depth knowledge of the disease. Osteoarthritis is not curable but is infinitely manageable and our aim is to ensure optimal movement, allowing you to live the activity filled life you wish
  • Lastly, we conduct regular check-ups either by phone or email (whichever you prefer) to ensure you are having no residual issues, and to offer help, guidance and tips whenever required

Essential Rotator Cuff Injury Rehab Services

Why delay treatment? Call us at our Mosman clinic on 02 9968 4766 to discuss your options in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff and joint pain. Also servicing the Cremorne and Neutral Bay areas.

Our Services

All our treatment is premium gold-standard and custom-made. Our services are just as highly sought after and include:


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