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Restore your sporting prowess with our exclusive treatment plan for sports and acute injuries, with the Mosman sports physio of choice, McConnell Physiotherapy Group.

The team at McConnell Physiotherapy Group are well versed in the advanced treatment of a vast range of injuries sustained in the sporting arena. Providing much sought after expertise and experience, our therapists have worked and travelled with elite sporting teams including physiotherapist Nicole Clements who worked for several years with the Australian men’s volleyball team; Chris Effeney who provided physio aid for the North Sydney Bears; and internationally renowned therapist Jenny McConnell who has used her acclaimed tape techniques and other skills to assist professional tennis and soccer players.

This extensive collective of knowledge and specialisation is now available to the Mosman, Neutral Bay and Cremorne communities. Alleviating pain and increasing mobility for sportspeople and sporting clubs throughout Sydney and North Shore.

Sports & Acute Injuries

From sprained ankles and skier’s thumb to tennis elbow, we see a variety of injuries associated with sporting activities. Chances are if you are experiencing one of these conditions, the pain and discomfort make it difficult to do the simple things such as: getting to work, shopping or playing with the grandkids. Sound familiar?

Sports and acute injuries like tennis elbow should not be left untreated. Often people think it may be a ‘pulled muscle’ or ‘stretched ligament’ and that symptoms will resolve by themselves, but the reality is, without the appropriate treatment and care your symptoms may worsen, potentially placing your health at risk and proving costly in the long term. Investing in your physical health is an investment in your future and as Mosman’s leading sports physio practice we can diagnose, treat and guide you through the process to a healthier, stronger body.

Experience the Internationally Acclaimed McConnell Approach

We provide excellent physiotherapy services based on the experience of internationally recognised physiotherapist Jenny McConnell. The McConnell Approach will be used to treat your tennis elbow and is built on the following foundations:

  • Understanding the symptoms
  • Understanding the factors that have caused it
  • Using tape and muscle training to carefully target the core of the issue

When our patients talk we listen. We are committed to your health and will guide and advise you throughout the course of your treatment, ensuring you are aware of every step of the process.

At McConnell Physiotherapy, we use a very hands-on approach to the management of our patients, with exercise prescriptions an essential part of any treatment program. Perhaps you are dealing with a sprained ankle, tennis elbow or skier’s thumb, regardless of the issue, we will help you heal with a programme of specific exercises for you to do in the privacy of your own home to assist in your recovery.


Mosman Based Sports Physiotherapy

Get moving with Sydney’s finest sports practitioners. Call (02) 9968 4766 to make an appointment, or get in touch with us online. Offering home treatments to the Mosman, Neutral Bay and Cremorne communities.

Our Services

All our treatment is premium gold-standard and custom-made. Our services are just as highly sought after and include:


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